Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lead in Crockpots and Plates

Ive heard little bits around the internet about crockpots having lead. This has always concerned me since I use my crockpot often. Well we are thinking of buying a second one for when we have big crowds so I finally buckled down and researched it.

You probably know that NO level of lead is safe. The FDA has a maximum level of lead allowable in the glaze in the crockpot (which is higher than zero - thanks again FDA). The danger of the leaching comes when the crockpot is heated up - and then the lead goes right into your food. things like this are SUCH no-brainers and yet so many experts just wonder why our country and our children are so increasingly sick :(

you can check out THIS article form a reporter who found very dangerous levels of lead leaching from a womans crockpot

From what I could dig up

For sure have lead: Rival and Crockpot brands

Supposedly dont: Westbend, GE and Hamilton Beach

I have a Rival :( I personally think this is a serious enough issue to warrant getting rid of it and getting something that I know is safe. I have some emails in to the other companies to verify that they do NOT use lead in their glaze. Will update!

I also found this really neat report from testing plates. Unbelievably, many are HIGH in lead (outrageous!!!!!). Click HERE for that report. Thankfully the Corelle the kids use is safe.