Friday, March 14, 2008

Pampering :)

Ive posted several times about my love for Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil :) Well a good friend bought me their skin exfoliator for Christmas and I am posting to say I LOVE it!!!!! Ive been using it on my legs after I shave and they are SO soft (such a pampering for a tired mama!) and you need very little so it lasts. Ive also noticed that the hair grows back much more slowly for some reason - I dont know why but it works for me! Sometimes essential oils bother my allergies but I have the lavendar and its very mild - I highly recommend it! (one caution: it has a lot of oil so it can make the shower slippery. be careful!)

Another product the same friend turned me onto is the PedEgg. It really works to get your feet super soft and smooth. No soaking, no chemicals, no pain ....I was skeptical but ended up very impressed. I got mine for $9.99 at Target.

I say spring is the perfect time for some pampering! :)

off to show my eyebrows some love LOL..........

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prescription Drugs in Public Water

HERE is a disturbing article about pharmacuetical drugs being found in public water all over the united states. Its downright disgusting and SCARY. Yuck. (seriously, read it)

My tips:

Everyone should have a Brita or Pur filter on their drinking water at home and better yet, a reverse osmosis filter (we got one a few years ago and love it!!!).

Obviously dont drink out of public water fountains or from the tap if you can help it!

Dont buy bottled water - the water isnt healthy and its a waste of plastic. Buy yourself one Klean Kanteen and fill it up at home with your healthy, filtered water! :)