Friday, September 28, 2007

Because Im the Mom

Of course none of us really want to nag our kids all day, or make the same mistakes our parents did, or any of that. But we all find ourselves saying things we'd never thought we'd say anyways!

I love this.

"The Mom Song"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vitamin C

Well the first cold of the season hit our house last week. I got it first but I thought it was just allergies and ended up passing it along to all three kids (and our friends - sorry!).

Ive seen it before and I saw it again - Vitamin C is powerful to help the body fight off illness. I guess its impossible to *prove* but I started giving it to all of them, twice a day or more and they never got really sick. They had runny noses and some dry coughing but that was it. And if it didnt help ..... well, it cant hurt.

Some tidbits:

- you cant overdose on Vit C. You need to find the child's threshold. You increase the dose until they have loose stools, then thats the amount they can handle. I used this general guideline from this site (this is a dosing amount for fighting an illness):

Vitamin C
60 mg 4 times daily for children 6-12 months old;

100 mg 4 times daily for ages 1-4.

500 mg 4 times daily for children over 4.

- I gave the boys about 800mg twice a day (they are 3 and 4 but the same weight).

- ** The best, most easily absorbed, type of Vit C is "Sodium Ascorbate". This is the brand we buy. I dissolve it in some water (its salty) and add some stevia and they drink it down.

-Chewable Vit C tablets can harm the enamel on their teeth.

HERE is a great thread on this from The first post contains many links to scientific studies and also includes some dosing guidelines.

As we approach cold and flu season Ill share more about what we do to avoid being sick. Vitamin C is an affordable way to help keep our kids healthy - cant hurt! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A vent

I just need to vent.

There are some people who speculate that I over-react, I live in fear, I worry too much about whats in their toys and whats in their food (my kids of course), etc. Its really annoying me. They dont know me at all.

I know about things - That doesnt mean I fret all day about pink slushie that they had when I was out of town. I cant worry about the lead-infested James train that they played with for 6 months. I cant change that - and pink slushies are ok once in awhile!

I dont lay in bed at night worrying. In fact, the more I know about it, the less I worry. I believe in doing what you know and doing the very best you can. So when Im in the grocery story I try to buy less of something healthier and stretch it somehow. Or choose to buy less convenience and be determined to do the work to make something healthier at home. Sometimes I do and sometimes I fail. But I do my best.

When I found out the disposable plastic silverware I had for the boys was a very bad thing - I just bought them each one metal set (cheap at Wal Mart) and threw out the plastic stuff. Less clutter in my drawers, less dishes to watch and that was that! No worries :)

Sometimes I cant afford whats best (often) so I buy the best I can. But I dont *worry* about it. I trust the Lord. I know He gives me the information that I need for MY family. I do my best according to what He teaches me and let the rest go in prayer. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Some people just say "oh well, everything gives you cancer". I heard a news person say the other day, about the lead issues, "well no kids have died, I dont know why everyone is making a big deal". That mans obviously never had a child that wasnt able to acheive a normal milestone (because lead is a neurotoxin. it mentally harms many many more than it will every kill) Some people just laugh at me about the plastic silverware issue - its black and white that a chewed up peice of plastic can leach chemicals!!!! Whats the big deal about getting a $3 metal set if you can. Better safe than sorry. So anyways, its drives me crazy :)


so theres my vent. all done. night night :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pray for Judson

Through my friend Ruth I heard about this amazing little boy named Judson. He is not only 3 and his body is shutting down on him. Please take the time to learn more about him - his parents believe God *will* heal him. Please pray for him!

Myspace Page

Caring Now Page

YouTube video - get to know Jud

A conversation he recently had with his mom and dad:

Jud's Vision
Date: June 27, 2007

A friend from church brought us dinner tonight. While we were eating, Jud had a sippy cup directly in front of him, less than a foot away, on the table, and he asked us, "Where is my drink?"

We helped him find it, along with the rest of his meal. Jud's symptoms continue to decline. He has a hard time "seeing" (an issue of neurology not eyes) much at all now, which affects many of his abilities. This is the most prominent of his symptoms, but he also cannot walk well (severe stumbling and falling).

A few minutes later Drake asked me how I was doing. I responded, "It's killing me as I realize that this could be our reality."

Jud quickly piped in, "Don't say 'killing' mommy."

Drake began to cry.

The pain of our circumstance is ever-present and raw; the emotion strikes each of us at different times.

"Are you crying daddy?" Jud asked. "Why are you crying?""

All the problems we have been having have been hard. We want you to be able to see and walk again," Drake responded.

In that moment, Jud began quoting, word for word, the story of Job from his toddler Bible… "One day a man ran to Job. 'Your children and animals have died,' he said. Then Job got sores all over him.'

"Drake cried harder."Do you want me to hold you, Daddy?" Jud inquired.

Drake replied, "That would be great, Jud, but why don't you finish eating first."

Jud continued with the story of Job… "Did Job get angry at God? No! 'God gave me all I had,' said Job. 'I will still love Him.'"

Our emotions flowed. Jud may not currently be able to "see", but in that moment, both Drake and I wanted Jud's vision—the unfluctuating faith that beholds God's grace despite circumstances. We have so much to learn from our precious little man!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lead testing

I got the call yesterday that my two youngest had a negative result on their lead tests. phew! I will be getting my oldest son tested next month.

It does make me feel better but I am still suspect of every single toy they have. Check out Adventures in Imperfection for more thoughts on this.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lead, lead and more lead

Latest report says that Mattel toys had 180 times (!!!!) the amount of lead allowed by law.

an excerpt:

That means the level in some of the Mattel toys was almost twice the amount allowed before lead in house paint was banned 30 years ago, says John Rosen, a pediatrician and head of the lead program at New York City's Children's Hospital at Montefiore. He says a child who played with a toy with up to 11% lead paint for one to six months could get "substantial, severe lead poisoning."

ABC news article

and we've only scratched the surface here ...........

I just had my youngest two tested. I should hear back soon. Ill post the results. Hopefully they are fine :(

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oprah today - autism

So who watched Oprah today? Jenny McCarthy was on talking about her son and autism. I was very impressed with her and Holly and I was so happy to hear thoughts/ideas/stories on TV that Ive read so many times online.

Dr.s dont like it (trust me, I know!) but this is a new age. A lot of moms, especially those whose children have challenges, do have a "Google Degree". It doesnt make us Dr.s of course but there are a lot of moms who do know A LOT and they make very educated decisions. "Mommy instinct" as Jenny referred to it is a gift from God. Especially if you have a relationship with the Lord, He will show you and your husband what is right for your family.

The CDCs statement was the most mild Ive ever heard from them. I was disappointed though that they only addressed the issue of thimerosal. Again - the MMR does NOT have thimerosal/mercury and it never has had it, because its a live vaccine. However, it is a very powerful vaccine since its three live viruses in one so moms of autistic children often believe its the "straw that broke the camels back" for their child's immune system.

Most likely there is a genetic predisposition and then the stage is set by the merury/aluminum/formaldehyde in other vaccines that they begin recieving in birth, them the bombardment of chemicals from everything from their lotion to household cleaners, to their food. We know now that our second son has some neurological issues (he is improving so much!) and I am so thankful that through lots of prayer we knew it was best to stop vaccinating him. I shudder to think what could have happened. (we have a very strong family history of immune system disorders)

Anyways. I think they did great. I hope this opens up lots of discussions. I also hope it opens up the eyes of all the high-horse, condescending pediatricians out there. More and more of us are going to have access to this information so they need to get used to it and start treating us with respect. And the government will hopefully feel the pressure and start to get real and stop hiding evidence.

Any thoughts on todays show from anyone else? :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sugar Update

Well I indulged while in Ca on vacation (like I said I would). We had a party and a BBQ while I was there and the chocolate fountain was running 7+ hours each time! yummmm. The indulging has not stopped yet LOL - but tomorrow we start again - no more sugar. After a week and a half Im ready! I really do feel so much better when I dont eat after 7 and I dont eat sugar (and I lose weight when I do that too)

Keeping lots of fresh fruit around helps me a lot, although Im careful not to eat *too* much since the sugars in fruit raise your insulin levels as well (and its expensive). But I dont believe in cutting out wonderful things that God gave us like fruit so I do enjoy it daily :)

how is everyone else doing?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I threw out most of my candles when I purged all of our other artificial fragrances. I do have one soy candle that I use if we are having company or something like that and some plain ones for emergencies. But I dont burn them like I used to and I do miss the warmth and yummy smells they add......

so I was excited to read THIS BLOG about healthy candles made from palm oil by Aloha Bay. They are not more expensive than regular candles and will burn longer than candles made from petroleum products (which are never healthy anyways!). Regular candles can have lead in the wicks too - boooooo! Plus these candles only use 100% essential oils for fragrance. Im definitely going to get some for the winter and Christmas time!

Here is the direct link to them on Amazon.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Clorox Anywhere Spray

I was suspicious of this from the start because a) its made my Clorox and b) few things that are not harmful chemicals kill bacteria like they claim.

Id never heard of the ingredients so I did some digging ... its just watered down chlorine bleach!!!! It doesnt smell because its mostly water. It costs like 15 cents to make it and they sell it for $3.49. Guess what all the extra goes towards? Marketing executives who are good at duping the public and a trip to the Bahamas for the guys at the top.

I really did expect more than watered down bleach. I admit I bought a little bottle -but I researched before I would use it.

Also note:

- only works on non-porous surfaces
- must sit for 2 mins
- kills bacteria not fungus or viruses
- after its used, baby's toys are now covered in bleach.

This was a sneaky one but again I say SHAME, SHAME on you Clorox.

I use rubbing alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. Much more bang for your buck and you dont have to risk any bad effects. I do use bleach once every few months on my dishtowels but that is it (and I rinse them twice). Once I run out I wont be buying it anymore.

Article about Chlorine - dioxin and organochlorine linked to birth defects, cancer, developmental and reproductive harm :(

GREAT blog on Clorox Anywhere Spray. very funny.