Friday, March 23, 2007


(My other blog wont show up on my account so here is my first post copied over!)

So some of you may have heard the term "crunchy" before - as in granola. This usually refers to someone who is really into natural things. I picture a women with plain clothes, birkenstocks, no makeup, hiking up a mountain eating trail mix LOL. In the cyber land of motherhood this may actually mean one uses cloth diapers, "gentle discipline", breastfeeds, cosleeps, doesnt vaccinate or vaccinates on a delayed schedule, feeds their children organic food, cares about the environment, etc.

At the other end of the spectrum some moms refer to themslves as "soggy" because they use disposable diapers, dont worry about saying no to their children, etc. (cant say too much more without making that side sound horrible - feed their kids junk, dont care about the environment, LOL. Of course that extreme isnt true for most! this is really a reactionary label, rebelling against the crunchy people)

Then some moms like me fall in the middle. Hence the label, "chewy".I have changed a lot as a mom and while I fall many times on the "crunchy" side of things, my political and person fews do not fall in the liberal category often associated with an all-natural lifestyle. We breastfeed, cloth diaper, discipline our children (i.e. dont believe time-outs will cause irreversible harm!), try to eat as organic as possible,avoid plastic (because its toxic), eat weird healthy food LOL..... but we are conservative, republican Christians :) Im not into politics at all except that we are pro-LIFE and support our God-given President and our troops *thumbs up*

I actually hate labels. I always have. Thats why I like "chewy" because its really a non-label. I can make a choice on either side and still be what I say I am. The only other label Ive ever been ok with is "follower of Christ". That I am proud to be. But I dont call myself Baptist or Calvinist or divide my views into categories - all I will boast in is Christ, crucified for us.

A passion God has given me is research. I love to learn. I dont believe in taking anyone's word as Truth except for the Bible. So if my Dr. says "xyz is perfectly safe, give it to your child 3x a day" I go home and research it online first.

I love a good conspiracy theory and our government (especially the FDA) is full of them.Sometimes I step back and look at our culture and what we feed ourselves and our children and its almost comical. Ask the typical person whats actually IN the food they got out of a box and they have NO idea.

No one questions things anymore.And then there is motherhood ...and one of my favorite topics....childbirth. You will see many ranting, raving posts about this from me in the future. Its another case of "America the country of Sheeples". Time to think for ourselves ladies! What makes sense? Strapping women to a bed and drugging them up to the point they need someone else to tell them how to push their own baby out , or working with the body God created to birth the baby He hand-crafted just for us? (the second is the right answer btw!)

Thats enough for just my simple introduction ;) I need a place not hold back and this is now it. More later!


k said...

Hi! I came over here from Alli. (She's my niece :-) I love to read the blogs of people who think like me, especially since I don't have time to express those very interesting (and correct!) opinions on my own blog. I'm looking forward to what you have to say next. Welcome to bloggyville :-)

C said...

What I find amazing is how many people with fundamentally different political and religious views can have so much in common if they take the time to look at each other honestly and without bias. Being an atheist/naturalist/rationalist, skepticism comes quite easily to me. I question everything, be it religious doctrine, commerical agendas, or new-age philosophies. Having a chemical and scientific background, I have found myself using it more and more to determine safe and practical (read frugal) ways to clean, care and nourish my family, rather than for work. Chewy, as you described, would definitely define what I do. I don't follow any trend for the sake of the trend. Seems like these days, the words "science" or "nature" are used indiscriminately to sell or convince the masses that all things man-made are good or evil, depending on which side you talk to. Using my research skills to decide on just about everything can be exhausting, but since we can't rely on anyone else, this is what we must do. Nice to find another like minded individual.