Saturday, January 26, 2008

Asthma and Homeopathy

my second son has asthma. i remember him first wheezing when he was 9 months old and started to crawl on his hands and knees - just crawling around he would wheeze. It was during the winter and even minor colds do affect his breathing a lot. Both boys always had croup each winter until they were 3 or so as well as asthma issues so this has been a long-time issue in our home.

asthma is an immune system issue and NOT just a disease of the lungs. part of his asthma is genetics - both of my parents have asthma and allergies to food and the environment as do I and my sister. he also had thrush for many months as an infant, despite my drastic natural measures to fight it off and I believe this has impacted him as well.

I took him in yesterday to see our pediatric allergist beacause his asthma got so bad last week they called in a prescription for liquid predisone. We of course used it because Id never seen him struggle to breathe like that, even after the slightest physical exercise (he has a cold) he would heave and wheeze (SO scary because I know what it feels like!!!).

they want me to get a nebulizer and do daily cortisone treatments as a preventative measure. ive used these myself so I know they can work but I also know they bring risk (for example, of oral thrush). I DONT believe in treating symptoms, I want to get to the root of the problem - i just know that there is a better way to strengthen his immune system (besides what we already do, health diet, enough sleep, vitamin C, cod liver oil, etc) and fight the asthma. Now that the critical stage has passed I can think more clearly and consider other options.

so ive been reading online and im going to give homeopathy a try. ive had success using it myself in different instances, and even one called Rescue Remedy has helped me calm down during an attack. Thankfully he doesnt have anxiety when he has asthma, probably because he is only 3 (!) so it makes it easier to just treat the symtpoms. The ones I am going to try are called pulsatilla and Ipecacuanha ..... it cant hurt. Homeopathy is safe, even for newborns and pregnant women. I will update with how it goes!!!!!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Check out an awesome blog, with healthy sugar-free recipes for kids at KidFeed. She's inspired me to try some chocolate chip cookies today, using agave syrup instead of sugar! They still arent perfectly healthy but at least they wont have sugar ;) (Im using organic unbleached flour and organic butter - these are for mommy and daddy...and the baby in the belly!)

There is a new natural soda that actually ISNT bad for you! Its called ZEVIA. You can read all the details on their site or on Green Republican's blog. Our local health food store has it already. I tried the lemon-lime and it tastes like diet to me but it was fun to have soda (I never, ever drink it) and know it was ok!

I havent been doing great with my eating because this first trimester has hit me hard - often I make a ymmy, healthy, organic dinner, and it looks good, even tastes good but I cant physically chew and swallow more than a few bites.....then I cry and feel sorry for myself and eat anything that sounds good. So Ive had a lot of unhealthy bagels and cream cheese but right now thats all I can do, so Im giving myself some grace. I always lose weight when Im sick like this and I want to make sure Im getting enough to keep up my energy and feed the little bean inside :) I do intend to be more strick when the sickness passes - keep me accountable with the sugar!!! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Babies R Us Organic Line

Recently on a message board discussion about a safe, chemical-free, organic mattress bad for a baby's crib, someone posted about Babies R Us' line. So of course I had to check it out.......yet another example of marketing loopholes. Their mattress pad (and mattress) say "organic" but they arent 100% organic at all.

From their site:
A 100% natural cotton surface with an allergy barrier that is a soft knit fabric backed with ultra-thin breathable, waterproof polyurethane membrane.

so its organic cotton with a layer of what I presume is "soft knit" polyester and polyurethane (probably in the form of foam for cushioning).

Polyurethane materials can make hard plastics, soft plastics, foams, adhesives and even paints and varnishes. Definitely NOT something organic you want your baby breathing in all night long.

From an article called "Five Problems with Crib Mattresses (Toxic Chemicals)"

Polyurethane foam (essentially solid petroleum) is extremely flammable. To combat this hazard, industrial toxic fire retardants are added. The most common chemical fire retardant used to treat polyurethane foam has been pentaBDE, a toxin associated with hyperactivity and neuro-behavioral alterations. PentaBDE is not bound to the foam, and leaches out into the surrounding air.

And the sad thing is so many moms buy these products from BRU because they are trying to do whats best for their baby (its a top registered-for product on their site). Its another shameless marketing ploy.

More to come on how to make your mattresses safe for baby.......

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My apologies that its been FOREVER since I posted. I always have things running through my mind that I want to share - so there is definitely more to come. For now - an update on me and why Ive been MIA :)

- at the end of Oct I cut out dairy and sugar from my diet and committed to not eat after 7pm. I let myself eat what I wanted for the holidays. I have lost 22lbs!!! I felt like a huge hypocrite, posting blogs on how bad sugar is and then eating a pint of Ben and Jerrys at night so I buckled down and did it and I feel great!

- I am pregnant! Blessing #4 is due in early August. I became very sick with nausea nearly at conception so I have been very "under the weather" lately and not up to doing much at night. Im thankful for signs that this is a healthy pregnancy but its quite a battle taking care of 3 little ones when I feel like this!

- I am eating dairy again because right now Im eating whatever doesnt make me want to throw up :) I plan to get strict again once Im feeling better!

- I hope to write soon about natural pregnancy and childbirth.....lots of thoughts there! Stay tuned! :)