Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prescription Drugs in Public Water

HERE is a disturbing article about pharmacuetical drugs being found in public water all over the united states. Its downright disgusting and SCARY. Yuck. (seriously, read it)

My tips:

Everyone should have a Brita or Pur filter on their drinking water at home and better yet, a reverse osmosis filter (we got one a few years ago and love it!!!).

Obviously dont drink out of public water fountains or from the tap if you can help it!

Dont buy bottled water - the water isnt healthy and its a waste of plastic. Buy yourself one Klean Kanteen and fill it up at home with your healthy, filtered water! :)

1 comment:

Ferbit said...

Ugh, does this just make you sick??? We have a little counter top Brita, but I'm dying to get an RO filter installed under the sink.

So disgusting...