Friday, April 10, 2009

Raw Milk

You may have heard of people drinking raw milk and wondered why on earth someone would want to do that with all of our modern technology to make it "clean" and "healthy".

Here is an article on the health benefits of drinking milk raw i.e. the way God intended *Wink wink*)

We were able to get some frozen at one point but it isnt the same reconstituted :(. But Monday we will get our first fresh raw milk and I am SO excited. Its from a local dairyman who runs a certified raw dairy. This means that the government comes and regularly tests the milk. He also takes the milk to get tested himself, to be sure it is safe.

Basically milk right out of the cow is full of good healthy bacteria and the enzymes needed to digest it properly (because God is smart). When its pasteurized and homeogized (sp?) that kills any bad bacteria but also kills all the good bacteria, good enzymes, vitamins, etc. It basically makes a dead, hard-to-digest product, far from what God originally created it to be.

Interestingly, many people who are allergic/intolerant to store-bought milk, can drink raw milk.

A little tidbit from a fiesty writer who I enjoyed reading:

It's also rather amazing the amount of energy the state will spend tryingto put the clamps on people who have a couple of cows or a small herd of dairygoats. It's legal to drink milk from your own cow, so farmers began to sellshares of a cow to people who could then pick up "their" milk from "their"cow. But the state swooped in and put a stop to it,

If the government put this kind of effort into mass-produced peanuts, five people might still be alive.source: Swallow peanuts, but choke on raw milk

Its still ILLEGAL to sell raw milk in many states - this is almost as absurd as the states in which its illegal to have a homebirth or practice midwifery outside of a hosptial...dont even get me started!!!! Here it TX they can only sell it to you if you go and get it yourself. Thankfully Im not hooked up with an awesome lady who goes down every other Monday and gets it for everyone and then I just have to pick it up at her house nearby. Im so excited to try it!!!

Also, even at $7/gallon, we will save money over buying the Caleb and JJ almond milk! and thats the same price as organic milk at Costco :)

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