Friday, March 23, 2007

Air Fresheners

Basically air fresheners are toxic. There are no government regulations on what they can put into a product to make it smell good and they are allowed to just label it "fragrance".

The commercials get me the most. You know the Febreeze commerical where the mom goes in her teenage son's room and it smells so she starts spraying that stuff all over? Then she opens the closet and it smells worse so she sprays and sprays and sprays? HELLO if your child's clothes and shoes smell WASH THEM - dont spray toxic chemicals all over them to cover them up. That doesnt even make any sense!!!!!

Yes I know, teenage boys smell. So keep their shoes in the garage. Use some baking soda in your wash - do what you have to do. But people, if something smells, spraying it with Febreeze is not the answer.

The other Febreeze commericial makes me crazy too. In that one a lady is in her kitchen just spraying and deeply inhaling the smell "mmmmm, smells so good". All I see is CANCER, CANCER, CANCER.

If you dont believe me do a search for "air fresheners toxic" and read a couple of the hundreds of sites that come up. One I found is here: Let's Clear the Air

Get that junk out of your homes. Its toxic for you, your children and your pets. If it says Glade on it, just throw it away. If you have to have a smell in your house boil some cinnamon and apples on the stove or burn a healthy candle made with essential oils instead of artificial fragrance. But its clean, and you have something healthy cooking for dinner, your home should smell good anyways ;)

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Alli said...

Oh, thanks for posting this. I was going to ask you what you knew about this. Having two little smelly boys, my house is beginning to smell. I haven't used the air fresheners in a long time because I knew it couldn't be good. So, you have two little boys...I'm assuming they get a little smelly at times, what do you do to make it smell better or to at least get the bad smell out.

ksl said...

What about the non sprayed ones? If they just sit there and smell nice are they still bad? I don't want to give my smelly little boys' cancer.

chewymama said...

The best thing to do is open the windows and get fresh air whenever possible. They say that the air in our homes is more toxic than whats outside, even with air pollution (gross!) Thats because of all the chemicals in flooring, paint, furniture, cleaners, etc. etc. etc.

Even the ones that dont spray are bad for you - its the artificial fragrance that is toxic. So it doenst matter how its getting into the air.

If they boys play outside and get dirty I always change them head-to-toe when they get inside (for allergy reasons mostly), wash their hands and face, etc. There not smelly that I know of. Well the morning breath could know an elephant over but thats another subject for another time ;)

since we have allergies I cook dinner nearly every night so that always smells good!

You can sprinkly real cinnamon on your carpet and vacuum - I heard this works great!