Saturday, March 31, 2007

No One is Perfect

No one is perfect ... except Jesus of course ;)

I used to have a friend who was alot like me - she loved to research and learn new things about nutrition. Even more than that, like me, she actually wanted to change things once she learned. BUT she always came off like she was perfect. She always seemed to be one step ahead, have more money, have kids that slept better and did more and knew more. Part of it was my assumptions but after a few years I came to realize that she always shared when things went perfectly but never when they went wrong, or the days she made an exception, or had a bad day and had a donut LOL.

We all have different standards for whats "perfect" and standards we hold ourselves to. Id encourage you to not get down about what you can't do (emotionally, physically or monitarily) as you work to have a healthier home, but rejoice in what the Lord has enabled you TO do! I love to research and learn and share it with others but PLEASE, please, please always remember I am not perfect. Only about 50% of our food is organic, I had french fries with my lunch today while out for lunch, and sometimes I even let my kids eat sugar now and then ;)

so there is my "Im not perfect at being healthy so please dont compare yourself to a nonexistent standard" disclaimer :)

The only way to fill in all the gaps is to PRAY. The Lord is the ultimate protector or our children and our health. If you have to paint with regular paint, or already have, or if you are tired and just give your child a hotpocket for lunch - just say a prayer for protection and grace and let it go. The Lord is kind, He loves our children more than we can fathom.

Have a great Sunday! God is good!

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Alli said...

You're so sweet. I so so wish we could live closer.

I've had to come to the realization that a lot of things are out of my control. I do what I can and I trust God to take care of my family with that.