Saturday, January 26, 2008

Asthma and Homeopathy

my second son has asthma. i remember him first wheezing when he was 9 months old and started to crawl on his hands and knees - just crawling around he would wheeze. It was during the winter and even minor colds do affect his breathing a lot. Both boys always had croup each winter until they were 3 or so as well as asthma issues so this has been a long-time issue in our home.

asthma is an immune system issue and NOT just a disease of the lungs. part of his asthma is genetics - both of my parents have asthma and allergies to food and the environment as do I and my sister. he also had thrush for many months as an infant, despite my drastic natural measures to fight it off and I believe this has impacted him as well.

I took him in yesterday to see our pediatric allergist beacause his asthma got so bad last week they called in a prescription for liquid predisone. We of course used it because Id never seen him struggle to breathe like that, even after the slightest physical exercise (he has a cold) he would heave and wheeze (SO scary because I know what it feels like!!!).

they want me to get a nebulizer and do daily cortisone treatments as a preventative measure. ive used these myself so I know they can work but I also know they bring risk (for example, of oral thrush). I DONT believe in treating symptoms, I want to get to the root of the problem - i just know that there is a better way to strengthen his immune system (besides what we already do, health diet, enough sleep, vitamin C, cod liver oil, etc) and fight the asthma. Now that the critical stage has passed I can think more clearly and consider other options.

so ive been reading online and im going to give homeopathy a try. ive had success using it myself in different instances, and even one called Rescue Remedy has helped me calm down during an attack. Thankfully he doesnt have anxiety when he has asthma, probably because he is only 3 (!) so it makes it easier to just treat the symtpoms. The ones I am going to try are called pulsatilla and Ipecacuanha ..... it cant hurt. Homeopathy is safe, even for newborns and pregnant women. I will update with how it goes!!!!!

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Sara said...

Hi Rachel! Have you ever researched Himalayan Crystal Salt remedies? I used them recently with Christian when he had a terrible lung infection. The ER wanted to give him DEX :< uggh. but I refused. My girlfriend introduced me to the Himalayan Crystal salts and I dissolved some in water and then put that in a nebulizer for him and he breathed it in several times a day and had really good relief from it. It has MANY other uses healthwise and I use it for a lot of things. Here's a website with helpful information. Let me know what you think! Hope he feels much better soon!


Purushottama said...

It is worth trying Homoeopathy. Two decades ago when my daughter was suggested Homoeopathy for her Tonsils for which surgery was suggested I was not sure about the 'sugar pills'. But when it gave excellent PERMANENT cure I converted and in the last two decades converted so many to that system.
If your child has already taken other medicine it may take some time to control but dont give up. If you can get an experienced Homoeopath around you it will be helpful.Just note down what makes the child feel bad, when he gets attacks, what are the exciting causes , what food make him sick - all these details are needed to a Homeopath because unlike modern system Homoeopahty is based on individualisation.
Wish your child all the best.