Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My apologies that its been FOREVER since I posted. I always have things running through my mind that I want to share - so there is definitely more to come. For now - an update on me and why Ive been MIA :)

- at the end of Oct I cut out dairy and sugar from my diet and committed to not eat after 7pm. I let myself eat what I wanted for the holidays. I have lost 22lbs!!! I felt like a huge hypocrite, posting blogs on how bad sugar is and then eating a pint of Ben and Jerrys at night so I buckled down and did it and I feel great!

- I am pregnant! Blessing #4 is due in early August. I became very sick with nausea nearly at conception so I have been very "under the weather" lately and not up to doing much at night. Im thankful for signs that this is a healthy pregnancy but its quite a battle taking care of 3 little ones when I feel like this!

- I am eating dairy again because right now Im eating whatever doesnt make me want to throw up :) I plan to get strict again once Im feeling better!

- I hope to write soon about natural pregnancy and childbirth.....lots of thoughts there! Stay tuned! :)



Alli said...

Oh this is so weird....earlier today, I thought to myself, "I bet chewymama will be having another baby soon." I don't know WHY I was thinking about that, but now that I just told you it sounds a little weird. Anyway, I visited your blog earlier today and there was no new post. I don't normally visit a blog twice in one day, but just decided to try yours again and here you are with all this news!

CONGRATS!!! On the 22 pounds AND the new baby! I'm so excited for you!!:)

You are the fourth person "close" to me that is pregnant. I told Sweet Hubby a week or so ago that I hope all these pregnant women around me don't make me want to want another baby. LOL!! I wouldn't mind another child or two if I could skip the pregnancy and the first year or 18 months. That's terrible, isn't it?? lol.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, again. God bless you and your sweet family.

Stacy aka gracekellysmom said...

Woohoo! You went public! LOL

Congratulations again and thanks be to God!

Kid Feed Mommy said...

I wondered!! :) Congratulations on the pregnancy! AND, congrats on the weight loss and healthy diet!

rachelle said...


deb said...

Congrats first of all on the pregnancy!
I must say, I am SO impressed at your willpower..sticking with the no-sugar diet AND losing 22 pounds! Here I sit, thinking to myself, that's something I should really do...and I'm munching away on some baking and candies. *sigh*

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Congratulations!!! What a blessing to start pregnancy at a lower weight, with healthier habits...even if you do what needs to be done while you're feeling yucky, you're doing great.
Praise God for a new little blessing. I'm praying for a healthy, EASY pregnancy for you this time!