Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Check out an awesome blog, with healthy sugar-free recipes for kids at KidFeed. She's inspired me to try some chocolate chip cookies today, using agave syrup instead of sugar! They still arent perfectly healthy but at least they wont have sugar ;) (Im using organic unbleached flour and organic butter - these are for mommy and daddy...and the baby in the belly!)

There is a new natural soda that actually ISNT bad for you! Its called ZEVIA. You can read all the details on their site or on Green Republican's blog. Our local health food store has it already. I tried the lemon-lime and it tastes like diet to me but it was fun to have soda (I never, ever drink it) and know it was ok!

I havent been doing great with my eating because this first trimester has hit me hard - often I make a ymmy, healthy, organic dinner, and it looks good, even tastes good but I cant physically chew and swallow more than a few bites.....then I cry and feel sorry for myself and eat anything that sounds good. So Ive had a lot of unhealthy bagels and cream cheese but right now thats all I can do, so Im giving myself some grace. I always lose weight when Im sick like this and I want to make sure Im getting enough to keep up my energy and feed the little bean inside :) I do intend to be more strick when the sickness passes - keep me accountable with the sugar!!! :)


Alli said...

I'm so impressed with you....and the organic, healthy meals that look AND taste good?? I have yet to master that art. ;)

I'm still so excited about your #4!:)

deb said...

I'll have to check out the blog. Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog! and even though you don't know me...I've memed you! check it out: