Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vaccines - intro

Ive been putting off writing about vaccines but Im in the mood to jump in, so here goes!

I studied vaccines intensely for about 4 years. I read the governments sites and anti-vaccine sites. I read every single package insert for each vaccine they wanted to give my second son. Im a mathematician so I wanted numbers and I studied and compared and analyzed whatever I could get my hands on..... I learned a lot from all those pages and pages of tiny text because they manufactuers data isnt sugar-coated like the CDC's. The CDC obviously has objectives so they also like to leave out key pieces of information that dont suit their cause.

I will be writing about each individual vaccine as I have time and I hope the information will be helpful. I am not "anti" vaccine, I am anti-ignorance. Many vaccines have toxic ingredients like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde (I cant spell, sorry) and we as parents need to know exactly what the risk to vaccinating, and not vaccinating, are.

We also need to be aware that some shady things take place to hide information from the general public.
(Here is a website if you want to know more on this right now)

How do vaccines work?
How do they help/hurt the immune system?
How risky is it to not vaccinate?
What can you do if your child gets a disease like Whooping cough?

and more........ to come!

**Print this out!**
Article by Robert F. Kennedy for Rolling Stone Magazine regarding the governments cover-up about the mercury issue. A MUST-read!


Stacy, gracekellysmom said...

I'm about half-way through "Vaccinations, A Thoughtful Parent's Guide", so of course I am interested in what you think on this subject. Faith is now 4 months old and is not yet vaccinated, she didn't even have Heb B or chlamydea drops since she wasn't born at the hospital. I know I want to get some vaccines, but I'm still trying to locate an office that will do the seperate ones and not the six-in-one-shot kind.

chewymama said...

Hey Stacy! :)

that is a good book. J isnt vaccinated either and she is over a year now. I am very concerned about these six-in-one shots they do now. Its so risky to overwhelm their immune systems like that. I am having trouble finding a ped too - I hope you have more luck than I am!

Ferbit said...

This topic just scares me... I've read several books, but it's still a tough decision. I've unfortunately gone the "do nothing" route until I research it more.

I saw recently that there is a homepathic non-vaccine schedule you can follow that sounds interesting. It uses homeopathics taken regularly in intervals that have a protective effect very similar to that of vaccine claims. I need to research it more since I just read about it in passing.

*sigh* This is my absolute, single-most, hated topic. :-( I'm hoping to read more on that homeopathic schedule... that may be a good alternative.

Rather than go with a general ped, we see a family ND. Love her!!! Maybe that's an option for you. A family ND may have better contacts for obtaining individual vaccines. ???