Monday, July 2, 2007


Ok this is for those of you that are super crunchy and like weird stuff. This is pretty out there for some people - I was thought it was weird and gross-sounding too but I love kefir now!

Kefir is a fermented drink cultivated using kefir grains. The grains are a combination of "bacteria and yeasts in a matrix of proteins, lipids, and sugars " (wikipedia) The end result is a probiotic drink full of healthy enzymes and "friendly" bacteria. Its more nutritious and beneficial than yogurt or even acidopholus.

There are water kefir grains and milk kefir grains. If you shop at a natural food market like Whole Foods or Central Market than you've probably seen milk kefir for sale there in the dairy section. Its still beneficial but they usually do have a lot of added sweeteners. The kind you can make at home can be sugar/sweetener-free and still taste great!

Because we have milk allergies, milk is expensive (and I think its gross) I use water kefir grains. You simply put the grains in water, add sugar (which they eat up - its like feeding a pet LOL) and let it ferment for a few days on the counter. The result is a very unique tasting beverage that is a super-powerful probiotic!

Here is a picture of mine brewing with some organic strawberries (ONLY organic fruit can be used or you'll get really sick from all the pesticides - ask me how I know) :

You can buy a dry starter but getting some live grains to start with is even better. I got mine from a mom in Colorado who I found on the forums. Look HERE in the "Traditional Foods" forums to find a list of people who will send you some. Most only charge about $5 including priority shipping!

Great Article on Water Kefir - has pictures, health benefits and recipes (pdf)

Kefir info on, recipes, etc.

Dom - the Kefir Guy website Kefir and The Body Ecology Diet (they sell a dry starter)


Alli said...

Oh, had me until I saw the picture! LOL! Something about it just screams "Don't eat this!" at me. Maybe later on in my "crunchy" journey....

Love ya!

chewymama said...

next time you come visit Im making you drink some hahahahaha ;) I make my friends try it when they come over and I make S too. It tastes a bit alcoholic, especially the way I make it so its like strawberry wine. Only once was it a little too, ahem, *strong*. Oops! I bet you'd like it ;)