Saturday, November 10, 2007

How They Make the Flu Shot

This is hilarious.

"How they make the Flu Shot"

makes you think twice (I hope).

The flu shot is an easy NO for us. We do use a homeopathic treatment called
Influenzium. You take two tablets, one time a month, during flu season. I got
them from my Dr but Ive heard you can get them online (I couldnt find it but its late and Im tired). Homeopathic treatments are safe, so even our 1yr old takes two tablets like we do. It cant hurt! ;)

Flu —The homeopathic flu remedy is reformulated each fall using the current viral strain—just as is the flu vaccination. In fact, the Influenzium remedy protects better than a vaccine—it's safer and more effective. A dose of the remedy can be taken once a month as a preventative. If you have symptoms take the remedy every hour for four hours until symptoms ease. Or if you've had the standard flu vaccination and it made you ill, the Influenzium remedy will help you get well. The French flu remedy Oscilliocossum has been used by 63 million people, and I always have a course of it in the homeopathic drawer during the flu season.


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