Saturday, November 3, 2007

Product Reviews

#1 Diva Cup. (First post on these) So after 15 months my cycles finally returned and I got to try a diva cup. The first cycle I hated it, gave up after a day and went back to tampons ((shudder)) The second cycle I LOVED it. Love, love, love it. Yes, its messy but if you've had a baby then whats the big deal?! I dont even know its there, it lasts longer, and I love knowing its safe to put in my body (unlike bleached tampons) I highly recommend it!

#2 Natures Gate Organics Raspberry Mint Toothpaste. Ive started having reactions (itchy throat) to our Tom of Maine toothpaste so I wanted to try something new. This stuff is GOOD. Its a very subtle flavor, the kids love it! I got mine at and its free shipping over $25 for your first order.

#3 Aubrey's Organics Green Tea Shampoo. None of the other natural/organic shampoos that Ive tried Ive liked. They are just "ok" but dont foam up at all and it takes a TON to wash my long, thick hair. This comes out really thin but it actually lathers up so it will last me much longer. Im very sensitive to scents and this is very mild. Two thumbs up :)


rachelle said...

I just got a Diva Cup, and love it too. It was a bit difficult yesterday when i was at a craft fair all day, but I made it through. I would highly recommend it.

Ferbit said...

Yay! I'm so glad you finally got to try the Diva cup! It takes a little getting used to, but you honestly DON'T FEEL IT at all. I was absolutely blown away with how comfortable it is.

I'm almost out of my Tom's toothpaste so maybe I'll give that one a try when I go out to buy more. I still haven't done enough research on the fluoride issue though... One of these days, I'll dive into that topic and make a decision. Ugh...

We've been using Aubrey's Honesuckle Rose shampoo & conditioner. Didn't like the shampoo so I bought a yummy smelling Jason shampoo without sulfates or parabens that I'm liking so far. Good lather and this particular one smells wonderful - most of theirs are way too fragrant. Many of the Jason products DO contain parabens and/or sulfates so you have to read closely. But I LOVE the Aubrey Honesuckle Rose conditioner! It makes the girls hair SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO silky!

I laughed yesterday while at the drugstore with my mom and my sister. My sis rolls her eyes at EVERYTHING I say if it has to do with health or nutrition. As she's standing there trying to pick out a "good shampoo" for her way overprocessed hair, I pointed to the Jason brand that was only $7.99. Oh she had a fit over that... "You buy ORGANIC shampoo???" like it was the most obscene thing she'd ever heard of. *sigh* So I stood there and watched her dish out $35 for a way more expensive, professional salon product that contained sulfates and parabens.