Friday, November 2, 2007

Healthy Changes

So much to little time.

Recent changes we've made to improve our health and/or the environment:

- Using Agave Nectar on pancakes (we cut out syrup years ago - full of sugar and/or chemicals but usually the kids use jelly). This stuff is GOOD. Its best to buy it raw and organic. Its more expensive but you use less. It doesnt raise your glycemic index like honey or sugar (GI of 39 vs. 110 of sugar). I got mine at Kroger :) More Info

- No more gallon size plastic bags. They are expensive and wasteful. Only a few times have I really missed them. I may get a small box to have around but no more Costco-size boxes for me!

- Im off of sugar (again - ugh, its like a drug! Shamefully I fell hard since last time I posted and I felt so awful. I felt like such a hypocrite feeding my children so healthy but destroying my body with that crap)

- Ive also cut out dairy for a month to see how it feels and see if my allergies/asthma improve. Im one week into my dairy/sugar-free experiment and Ive lost 5.5 lbs! woohoo! The more I read about dairy the more I never want to eat it ever again......

I found a cool new site:



Mama D said...

Wow Rachel - way to go on the weight loss and elimination of sugar and dairy! I checked out that website and it was so interesting! Especially the personal testimonials. When Canyon was about to turn one I was totally on the no milk wagon but then I fell off somewhere along the way landing next to, "it's cheaper" and "he won't drink the other stuff". Forgetting that where we landed was right next to "disgusting milk facts" on the road. :) I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

Kid Feed Mommy said...

My husband and I have been getting our raw agave nectar in bulk from Amazon. They have great prices and we always qualify for Super Saver Shipping when we buy it there!

We love agave on our pancakes too!

chewymama said...

Sara!!!!Hi!!! How are you girl?!?!?

Ive had agave in my pantry forever but for some reason Im really finding ways to use it now. Mmmm it would be so good in tea! Ill have to try that in a few days when its gets cold again.

Thanks for the tip on buying it on Amazon! :)