Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boys will be boys

Much to my chagrin, my dear hubby has been letting the boys watch the show "Man Vs. Wild" with him when Im putting J to bed at night. Basically they drop this crazy guy off in the middle of places like the Everglades or Iceland and he has to find his way to civilization, a road, etc. His survival skills are really amazing (and gross sometimes) but I keep trying to convince dh its a little much for a 3 and 4.5yr old. Here is some proof from the last two days:

N told hubby yesterday that he was hungry at quiet time so he ATE AN ANT .... he quickly added, in a resassuring tone, " but I didnt eat his head!" ....... Gross!!!! He told me this whole story at bedtime so I said "ummm, so you ate his butt?" which he thought was really funny but he corrected me to say he ate his tummy AND his bum. Great.

Today he came in from outside for dinner, HUGE grin, and proudly said "I ate two worms!" (I said "What?!?!?!") He proudly goes on, reassuring us once again, "I washed them in the pool, so I didnt get sick from the dirt". Good thinking son LOL.

Times like this remind me that I am outnumbered by this odd species called "male" and it also makes me so, so thankful for my sweet little princess. Please tell me she will never eat a worm. Grrrroooossss!


ricci quill said...

Garrett and Ryan love that show too, Garrett was telling me how you can eat a scorpion safely, nice I thought, don't ever try that at home. Yes Boys will be Boys, thank goodness for our sweet little girls although I think mine will be eating the worms too. YUCK!!!!

Alli said...

Oh things like this make me tired. I'm so hopelessly outnumbered.