Thursday, October 25, 2007

For the mothers......

A sweet friend of mine wrote this poem. It really encouraged me so I asked her if I could share....

I’d rather hear you all trying to speak to me at once,Than to hear absolute silence.

I’d rather find a stuffed doggy “drinking” milky water out of a cereal bowl, Than to never feel that warming in my heart when I see your special stuffed friend.

I’d rather stay up all night comforting your fears, or easing your sicknesses,Than to sleep all night and wake up to an empty house.

I’d rather be distracted from something “important” a million times, Than to get everything on my list done, and look around... seeing that I am alone.

I’d rather clean mud off of your face, arms, out of your ears, and in between your toes, Than to be without you and have spotless clothes and floors.

I’d rather hold on tight when your sticky hand reaches for mine, Than to never have a little hand to hold.

I’d rather you put finger prints all over the window I JUST cleaned,than to never be able to see you watching out the window for Daddy to come home.

I’d rather trip over and stub my toe on your toys in the night, Than to never hear your squeals and laughter as you play.

I’d rather give you every moment of my day, every bit of me, Than to have a life full of my self.

I’d rather hurt when you hurt, Than to never know the blessing of carrying your burdens.

I’d rather bear the criticism of the world, Than to turn away the blessings a mighty Creater designed with His own Hand!

I’d rather lay in bed weary at night, physically and emotionally exhausted from all the things that went “wrong”, Than to never know your big blue eyes and precocious smile.

My precious children, yes, I would rather do all that I am doing to raise you, train you, love you, than to have never known what it feels like to have you crawl into my lap, wrap your arms around my neck and whisper in my ear, “I love you mama.”

My precious ones in Heaven,I’d rather know you were created in my womb, and have to say goodbye long before I ever imagined, Than to have never known you, loved you at all.

You are ALL worth it ALL.

A Woman's Journey Home

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Alli said...

Absolutely lovely. I want to print that up and hang it on my fridge.