Saturday, June 2, 2007

No more Tampons!

There have been rumors circulating on the internet for awhile regarding tampons containing abestos and cancer-causing dioxins. From what Ive been able to find, the FDA, and others, claim this is a hoax.

Either way, there is a better option! The Diva Cup!

I know - the name is hilarious. And the idea is radical to some. Its a silicon cup, very slender, that you insert during your time of menstruation. It lasts up to 12 hours, even on your heaviest days and since its made of silicon its 100% safe. Just rinse and reuse. You can even wear it overnight. I have friend that use it and love it!

Good for your health and it SAVES MONEY. Woohoo! If I ever have another cycle (just one of the blessings of children and breastfeeding!) Im definitely getting one. They are about $33-34 and your local health store may carry them!

There is also another brand called The Keeper (made from gum rubber/latex) and the Moon Cup which is silicone like the Diva Cup. Both are about $35.


Ricci Quill said...

I like the saving money part, but the whole idea of washing and reusing and then storing it, grosses me out. I think I will stick to my tampons,

chewymama said...

Tampons always made me nervous. My stepmoms friend in high school died of TSS. Plus I have really heavy periods and I was always so nervous about leaks - the Diva Cup will NOT leak. Thats worth it to me! Just to be able to put something in for 12hrs and relax - priceless ;)

Stacy said...

Yay Rachel! I'm so happy to see this on your blog. Five years ago when I had my first child I decided I was done sticking bleached (and perfumed - now that is GROSS!) products where the sun doesn't shine. I invested in cloth pads (yes I wash them each cycle!)and a diva cup and I feel so much healthier. The other bonus - my cramps aren't so heavy and my periods are shorter. All those chemcials were irritating me. What causes cervical and other female cancers? I tell everyone I know about the diva cup!

Leslie O said...

I got one about 5-6 months ago, and I love it. It's great to now have to think about buying supplies all the time, and I love the cleanliness of it. When my cycle is done, I just wash it with a mild soap and dry it then store it in the bag it came in. It still looks just like it did the day I took it out.
The only issue I had with it when I first started was cutting the bottom tube on it (that you use for pulling it out) to get it to the right length to fit my body. Once I did this though I couldn't even tell it was in there, I didn't have to worry about leaving it in too long (12 hours is a long time), and I don't have to worry about leaks ever!

Ferbit said...

LOVE my Diva Cup! I started with the Keeper about a year ago, but the latex and the "long stem" was irritating so I bought the Diva cup. Way more comfy, super short stem. I don't even realize I have it in at all. Love it!

Public restrooms are a bit of a challenge, but I just try to plan ahead for that and "take care of business" at home only.

I also use dark burgundy, fleece GladRags pads. I got mine from Whole Foods, but I know you can buy them online. I've also read online that a lot of people make them themselves. Fleece is supposed to be the most absorbant, I believe.

chewymama said...

Yes lots of people make their own. You can even use PUL (polyurethane laminate) as the backing to make them waterproof. Fleece isnt absorbant unless its a blend like hemp fleece which is used a lot in cloth diapering now. Fleece does wick moisture away from skin though so thats probably what its for. There is probably flannel or hemp or something like that in the core :) If I ever have periods again then Im looking forward to trying all these things LOL