Saturday, May 19, 2007

"0 Trans Fat per serving"

Chances are you have seen "Zero Trans Fat per serving" advertised on the box of something at the grocery store. When you see a product use the words "per serving" in its boasting, be aware. Its a loophole in the FDA guidelines and chances are, if they use "per serving", there is trans fat in it after all.

Girl Scout cookies advertised "Zero trans fat per serving" but there are hydrogenated oils listed in the ingredients for several of their cookies. According to FDA guidelines, a product with 0.5 or less grams of trans fat "per serving" can make the claim to have "zero trans fat". How stupid is that?!?!?!?! What a ridiculous marketing scam. Sometimes government agencies really are ridiculous. Who are they working for anyways?!?!

So dont just read the nutritional information in the white and black box, because it wills say "Trans Fat 0 grams" but read the ingredients list. If you see anything "hydrogenated" then steer clear and make a better choice for your family!

(margarines almost all say this now - because servings of margarine are small they get away with murder. I promise real butter is better for you than yellow-colored plastic in a tub ;) )

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