Saturday, May 5, 2007

A New Dog

So my hubby went running and this beautiful yellow lab joined him for the entire 4 miles and then followed him home.

He has always wanted a dog and Ive always NOT wanted one - I have enough mouths to feed and poop to clean up.

It has a tag but the number is wrong. We've put up signs all over our neighborhood. She appears to have had puppies recently :(

Poor Steve is like a 8yr old getting their first puppy - he went and bought dog bowls, treats and flea spray. Great. He insists we are keeping her if we cant find her owners - great.

Fine. But if we keep the dog, one of the kids has to go.


Alli said...

The puppy thing makes me really sad. Maybe call your local SPCA to let them know in case someone calls looking for her. Or put an ad in the paper?

chewymama said...

I know - it was really sad the first day because she was so sad. We already planned to put an ad in the paper and put signs up by the entrance to the freeway near us. Thanks for the idea about the SPCA. We are on the outskirts of town so there isnt much around us but she doesnt look like she has been travling for too long - hopefully we get a call soon.

Donna said...

Don't get rid of the children or the dog! Pets are awesome! They are a great way of teaching children responsibility and unconditional love. And think of all the long walks you can take (with leash in hand or attached to the stroller). I hear that yellow labs are wonderful with children, too. And if hubby is happy...hey, that's a bonus, too!

ksl said...

Dogs are great but they are a lot of work. We have a golden retriever and 3 kids under 5 and most days the dogs just stays outside because I can't deal with everything all at once. Tell hubby right off that he has to help do dog stuff or it can become overwhelmimg.

chewymama said...

We are taking her to Petsmart tomorrow A.M. to see if she has a chip. My husband is out there very chance he gets playing with her and she is really, really good with the kids. We can tell she is used to being inside though because she barks to come in. But I really am allergic - and Im not a dog-in-the-house kind of gal either.

She seems to know I am not for rough playing but for ear scratching and food - I think we have an unspoken motherly bond too. Oh my, it makes it sound like I like her. Dont tell hubby ;)

(and a reason to HAVE to get out and walk would be good for all of us!)

Ricci Quill said...

Oh how fun. We have always had a dog, and he is one of my kids, I don't know what I would do without Shaft, he is 7 years old and we have had him for 6 years. The kids just love him, and he loves the kids too, it is such a great bond htat kids can have with a pet. It is challenging, but just like kids very rewarding too :)

chewymama said...

We took her in and she does not have a chip. They think she has been bred A LOT :( poor thing. They think she is only 1.5-4yrs old but she is very healthy! She went on a long run with Steve today and just loved it. She is such a sweetie. :) We've had a few people call from our signs but looking for other dogs. No leads on finding her owners yet.