Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sitcom Days 2

Some of you may remember my post about the kind of day I call a "sitcom day" where I feel like I must be living inside a comedy with all that goes wrong. Oh MY did we have one of those days yesterday! Its probably our fault for trying to do too much in one day, with three children, and no naptimes. We did survive .... but only by the grace of God.

Here is a brief rundown. Enjoy ;)

Before we were even out the door, Caleb had an accident so I put him in a pull-up and in the only spare pair of shorts Id packed for the trip (see where this is going?)

We left at 10:30 for BJ's pizza in Plano, about one hour away. (BJ's was one of my favorite place in Ca and I hadnt been in over 3 years) A big traffic accident delayed us at least half an hour. we are all tired and sick of being in the car when we arrive. Pizza was to-die-for though!

We left BJ's to head to Ikea, about 20 mins away. Halfway through Ikea Caleb pooped in his pullup. The diaper bag was in the car so he has to tough it out. We were in a hurry anyways but Ikea is HUGE so by the time we got to the register they were tired, whiney and stinky

They told me I had to go get the giant, heavy boxes for the beds we were buying, myself. I had no idea Ikea was so do-it-yourself and I was not happy about it. I was tired and whiney now too.

I took Caleb to the car to change him while my mom checked out..... Poop everwhere - out of the pullup and onto his shorts. So I cleaned him with nearly every wipe I had and put him in a diaper with no pants. I cleaned everyones hands, changed Jayna, nursed her, and we were good to go again. I could have laid down on the asphalt and taken a nap though!

An employee, my mom and I loaded the car with two rolled up foam mattresses, two beds (one on top and one inside), three children and all our stuff and none of could see anyone else. It was hilarious!!!! My mom even had to hold the box away from me so it didnt hit the gear shift! But after all that work to load up the boxes there was no way I was going to pay them $100+ to deliver them!

The store we looked forward to all day was Sam Moon. But we were out of time and Caleb and Jayna were asleep. So I went in for a quick walk through - it was like torture not to buy something. And I thought I had no self-control! Then we headed ot our dinner with friends for their wedding reception.

The restaurant was on a one-way cutesy main street. I drove by it the first time so I turned right to circle back around. Going down the last street before I turned back onto the main street again, this man in a big red truck started honking and waving at us. A few seconds after we determined we didnt know him, I realized I was going the wrong way on a one-way street!!!!! Eeek!!!!! We were able to quickly pull over and turn without dying which was, of course, a good thing.

We parked and saw that Noah was asleep (and that never happens!). When he woke up he told us he had peed in his pants on accident. Thankfully my highly intelligent mother had picked up an extra pair when we stopped at Target to get Caleb some clean shorts to wear. But Noah said he had to pee more like "NOW" so my mom grabbed my stand-by empty water bottle (I love having boys at times like that!) and Noah took care of business. She set the bottle down on the ground.

Meanwhile Im nursing Jayna in the front seat while digging through bags, around this giant box wtih a bed in it that is between the two front seats. I find their new shirts for them to change into and toss them to my mom.

I didnt know that a few seconds prior, Caleb had gotten out of the car and knocked over the "water bottle 'o pee" all over the ground. Of course one of the shirts fell right into it. ARGH! So the boys stayed in their dirty polos for dinner. My mom and I brought nicer clothes to change into but we were already late and couldnt find them anyways. We just wanted to run into the restaurant before something else went wrong!

Dinner was great. Afterwards we headed to my moms friends house for wedding cake

A mile from the turn, a big rig was stuck across both lanes of the two-lane country road. We need to go off the road, around him to the right to get by but it was VERY muddy and full of water. The driver infront of us, knowing more than me, stepped on the gas and flew right through it. I - in light of the rest of the day - was scared to drive through so I went slllloooowwwllllyyy. Well you learn something new every day! Turns out thats not the best idea in a giant, deep, sticky mud puddle (go figure). I realized that out about halfway through and stepped on the gas - I called on the name of Jesus (outloud!) several times and we managed to get through it without getting stuck. Thank you Lord!!!!! Off-roading in a minivan loaded with Ikea furniture. Nice.

After a stop for gas we finally made it home about 10pm .... nearly 12 hours after leaving that morning. But we made it!!!! :)

Its days like that that make my regular work week seem like a breeze! :)

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Alli said...

Oh, honey, it's days like that that I am glad to see the sun set! We've been there, too. Hope you all recovered!