Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Caleb

My second baby turns 3 tomorrow. Where did the time go?

I thought Id share a few of my favorite things about Caleb:

- His compassionate heart. If I make a noise like I hurt myself he always asks "ok mommy?" If you have to go to the Dr. he will always offer to hold your hand :)

- His love of books and being read to.

- His snuggles. He is our snugglebug.

- How he loves his sister and makes her laugh

- Watching him play with Noah. They are best friends and he looks up to Noah so much.

- He is his own person. Noah may want to play outside for 3 hrs but some days Caleb doesnt want to do so he wont. He just knows what he wants and he doesnt worry about following others. I love that.

- His laugh and all his goofy expressions

It was around this time, 3 years ago, that my wonderful labor with him began. We went through a lot during my pregnancy with kidney stones, xrays and lots of tears - and we were bonded more than I knew possible. He was my first child to birth without medication which was very special to me. He has brought us so much joy and so much hope!


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Awww, Happy Birthday Big Guy!!! Where does the time go?! I vividly remember you announcing your pregnancy with him (with ferbit! LOL! Now that seems like ages ago). Hope you enjoy your day with him and your walk down memory lane.