Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Windex" recipe

Here is the recipe I use for a healthy glass cleaner:

2 cups water (I use filtered)
1/2 tsp liquid soap - dish soap, liquid Dr. Bonners, etc.
1/4 cup vinegar

I mix it all in a spray bottle and thats it!
This recipe is from Better Basics for the Home: Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living

It works great in the kitchen and bathroom too! My favorite thing for the bathroom though is hydrogen peroxide - it disinfects and it cleans around the sink/faucet really well. My favorite for the bottom of the shower is baking soda. You'll have a clean bathroom without the fumes! :) Healthy cleaning!


Alli said...

Thanks! Will any type of dish soap work? Do you have to rinse afterward?

chewymama said...

Any type of dish soap would work I think but to make it healthy you want something without dyes, scents, etc. I use Seventh Generation dish soap - its not expensive at all and it lasts forever. No need to rinse, it is great on glass, streak-free! :)

Ricci Quill said...

I bought that book, and I love it, that is exactly what I use to wash our windows, I also use it for daily cleaning too, and I use a different one in the bathroom, never tried the peroxide though, sounds good though, will give it a try.