Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vaccine Package Inserts

If you do have vaccines coming up and want more information, reading the manufacturer's package insert is the best way to get honest date. Here is a list of all the inserts - you'll need to ask your Dr which specific brand they use for each vaccine. This is one of the things that helped me the most.

For example: by reading the inserts I learned that with the DTaP, if you spread out the first 3 doses so that the 3rd dose is given after a year old, then they dont need a 4th dose. So thats one way to save them a vaccine. I believe its the same for some of the other vaxes as well.

You will find reaction and effectiveness rates there as well and that can help you weigh your choices.


rachelle said...

Hi Rachel, I've been eating up your posts on vaccines. I know we've discussed them some and I am still going around and around with what to do from here on out. So far, Kiandra is up to date except the CP vaccine. Kalli has had most except the MMR and CP (she will be 3 next month), and Kiersten (15 months) has hardly had any. She had the Hib and IPV at 6 months, DTap at 8 months and had what I think was a small reaction to that, and then had Hib and IPV again at 12 months. She has another well-check next week and I imagine I will continue with Hib and IPV for now, and make decisions on the rest later. My doctor was ok with me not doing Dtap anymore since I felt she'd had a reaction. I did get lectured by a nurse at the ER today for her vaxes not being up to date...she made sure to tell me several times to get her right in to get her caught up...yeah like I'm going to give her all those vaxes at once (if at all). Anyway, that's quite the long comment. I've done research but it's nice to see what you have to say too :)

rachelle said...

Just wanted to add another comment after reading your other cracks me up (well, maybe) that I was one on BW that was so in FAVOR of vaccines a few years back. I still am so torn, but you won't find me defending them anymore. Strange...