Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oprah today - autism

So who watched Oprah today? Jenny McCarthy was on talking about her son and autism. I was very impressed with her and Holly and I was so happy to hear thoughts/ideas/stories on TV that Ive read so many times online.

Dr.s dont like it (trust me, I know!) but this is a new age. A lot of moms, especially those whose children have challenges, do have a "Google Degree". It doesnt make us Dr.s of course but there are a lot of moms who do know A LOT and they make very educated decisions. "Mommy instinct" as Jenny referred to it is a gift from God. Especially if you have a relationship with the Lord, He will show you and your husband what is right for your family.

The CDCs statement was the most mild Ive ever heard from them. I was disappointed though that they only addressed the issue of thimerosal. Again - the MMR does NOT have thimerosal/mercury and it never has had it, because its a live vaccine. However, it is a very powerful vaccine since its three live viruses in one so moms of autistic children often believe its the "straw that broke the camels back" for their child's immune system.

Most likely there is a genetic predisposition and then the stage is set by the merury/aluminum/formaldehyde in other vaccines that they begin recieving in birth, them the bombardment of chemicals from everything from their lotion to household cleaners, to their food. We know now that our second son has some neurological issues (he is improving so much!) and I am so thankful that through lots of prayer we knew it was best to stop vaccinating him. I shudder to think what could have happened. (we have a very strong family history of immune system disorders)

Anyways. I think they did great. I hope this opens up lots of discussions. I also hope it opens up the eyes of all the high-horse, condescending pediatricians out there. More and more of us are going to have access to this information so they need to get used to it and start treating us with respect. And the government will hopefully feel the pressure and start to get real and stop hiding evidence.

Any thoughts on todays show from anyone else? :)


Kelli in the Mirror said...

I didn't see it- does her son have autism?

chewymama said...

yes he does. although he is doing very well and is in "recovery" due to some drastic changes she made in diet and some other things (wheat-free, dairy-free often helps autistic children). The "gut" and the brain and so closely related, its fascinating!