Friday, September 21, 2007

Pray for Judson

Through my friend Ruth I heard about this amazing little boy named Judson. He is not only 3 and his body is shutting down on him. Please take the time to learn more about him - his parents believe God *will* heal him. Please pray for him!

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YouTube video - get to know Jud

A conversation he recently had with his mom and dad:

Jud's Vision
Date: June 27, 2007

A friend from church brought us dinner tonight. While we were eating, Jud had a sippy cup directly in front of him, less than a foot away, on the table, and he asked us, "Where is my drink?"

We helped him find it, along with the rest of his meal. Jud's symptoms continue to decline. He has a hard time "seeing" (an issue of neurology not eyes) much at all now, which affects many of his abilities. This is the most prominent of his symptoms, but he also cannot walk well (severe stumbling and falling).

A few minutes later Drake asked me how I was doing. I responded, "It's killing me as I realize that this could be our reality."

Jud quickly piped in, "Don't say 'killing' mommy."

Drake began to cry.

The pain of our circumstance is ever-present and raw; the emotion strikes each of us at different times.

"Are you crying daddy?" Jud asked. "Why are you crying?""

All the problems we have been having have been hard. We want you to be able to see and walk again," Drake responded.

In that moment, Jud began quoting, word for word, the story of Job from his toddler Bible… "One day a man ran to Job. 'Your children and animals have died,' he said. Then Job got sores all over him.'

"Drake cried harder."Do you want me to hold you, Daddy?" Jud inquired.

Drake replied, "That would be great, Jud, but why don't you finish eating first."

Jud continued with the story of Job… "Did Job get angry at God? No! 'God gave me all I had,' said Job. 'I will still love Him.'"

Our emotions flowed. Jud may not currently be able to "see", but in that moment, both Drake and I wanted Jud's vision—the unfluctuating faith that beholds God's grace despite circumstances. We have so much to learn from our precious little man!

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