Saturday, September 1, 2007

Clorox Anywhere Spray

I was suspicious of this from the start because a) its made my Clorox and b) few things that are not harmful chemicals kill bacteria like they claim.

Id never heard of the ingredients so I did some digging ... its just watered down chlorine bleach!!!! It doesnt smell because its mostly water. It costs like 15 cents to make it and they sell it for $3.49. Guess what all the extra goes towards? Marketing executives who are good at duping the public and a trip to the Bahamas for the guys at the top.

I really did expect more than watered down bleach. I admit I bought a little bottle -but I researched before I would use it.

Also note:

- only works on non-porous surfaces
- must sit for 2 mins
- kills bacteria not fungus or viruses
- after its used, baby's toys are now covered in bleach.

This was a sneaky one but again I say SHAME, SHAME on you Clorox.

I use rubbing alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. Much more bang for your buck and you dont have to risk any bad effects. I do use bleach once every few months on my dishtowels but that is it (and I rinse them twice). Once I run out I wont be buying it anymore.

Article about Chlorine - dioxin and organochlorine linked to birth defects, cancer, developmental and reproductive harm :(

GREAT blog on Clorox Anywhere Spray. very funny.

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k said...

Not to mention, how long will diluted bleach continue to be effective? The minimum standards for daycare in the state of Texas require the use of a sanitation solution on a daily basis. If you use diluted bleach, you have to mix a fresh bottle of it every day because it breaks down in just 24 hours to salts which will no longer kill germs.