Sunday, September 23, 2007

A vent

I just need to vent.

There are some people who speculate that I over-react, I live in fear, I worry too much about whats in their toys and whats in their food (my kids of course), etc. Its really annoying me. They dont know me at all.

I know about things - That doesnt mean I fret all day about pink slushie that they had when I was out of town. I cant worry about the lead-infested James train that they played with for 6 months. I cant change that - and pink slushies are ok once in awhile!

I dont lay in bed at night worrying. In fact, the more I know about it, the less I worry. I believe in doing what you know and doing the very best you can. So when Im in the grocery story I try to buy less of something healthier and stretch it somehow. Or choose to buy less convenience and be determined to do the work to make something healthier at home. Sometimes I do and sometimes I fail. But I do my best.

When I found out the disposable plastic silverware I had for the boys was a very bad thing - I just bought them each one metal set (cheap at Wal Mart) and threw out the plastic stuff. Less clutter in my drawers, less dishes to watch and that was that! No worries :)

Sometimes I cant afford whats best (often) so I buy the best I can. But I dont *worry* about it. I trust the Lord. I know He gives me the information that I need for MY family. I do my best according to what He teaches me and let the rest go in prayer. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Some people just say "oh well, everything gives you cancer". I heard a news person say the other day, about the lead issues, "well no kids have died, I dont know why everyone is making a big deal". That mans obviously never had a child that wasnt able to acheive a normal milestone (because lead is a neurotoxin. it mentally harms many many more than it will every kill) Some people just laugh at me about the plastic silverware issue - its black and white that a chewed up peice of plastic can leach chemicals!!!! Whats the big deal about getting a $3 metal set if you can. Better safe than sorry. So anyways, its drives me crazy :)


so theres my vent. all done. night night :)


Alli said...

{{hugs}} Sorry you're feeling this way. If people weren't giving you a hard time about one thing, it would be another. Don't let it get to're right, they don't know you. So just keep on doing what you know is right, and let them say/think what they will.

Lots of love.

chewymama said...

thank Alli :) Im fine, really. This outgoing personality of mine has always been a challenge LOL. Its just part of the journey!

Kid Feed Mommy said...

Sure, it may be true that "everything can cause cancer," and it's probably impossible for us to eliminate every bad thing our children are exposed to. That's why we must trust in God as our ultimate protector. That being said, we can still do what we can with the knowledge we do have! What's the harm in that? Why not try to make our lives healthier (and more natural) if we are able?

I'm with you, Chewymama. I face much of the same opposition you face, it seems. Glad to have found your blog!