Monday, October 22, 2007

Chemicals in our Children's bodies

Read this article from CNN:
Test reveal High levels of Chemicals in Childrens bodies

The kids in the article were tested in 2004. So three years later we are hearing about this. Of course its probably not a big surprise to any of you that have read this blog before (or done research on your own of course). And the idea that any amount of toxic chemicals in a developing child's body could NOT be harmful is ridiculous. You may not see the results now, but our kids will see it eventually.

We cant get rid of all the chemicals because we breathe them, sleep on them, sit on them, etc. We cant live in a concrete house with concrete furniture and gas masks on. But we can do our best, to step-by-step, make our homes safer for our kids. Is the only hope we have to fight this clear neglect by the big companies and our government in caring for our children and our environment.

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