Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dishwashing Soap

I want a healthier dishwashing detergent. We have super hard water here so the Seventh Generation stuff didnt cut it at all in my washer.

The "green" issue is with phosphorus. It is horrible for the environment As far as our health, common sense tells us that smelly whatever-it-is-made-of cant be good for us to eat off of.

Like with other household products, the manufactuers dont have to be too specific on the labels about what exactly is in the detergent. I personally get so creeped out if I think of those chemicals all over our dishes. I wash a lot by hand (with seventh generations handwashing dish soap which works well) but Im not ready to give up the dishwasher.

SO. Anyone know of a good, phosphorus-free dishwashing detergent that actually works???

*In 2006 Washington passed a bill prohibiting detergent with more than 0.5% phosphorus. Most detergents are at least 3-4% and can be as high as 9% - the same level as fertilizers such as Miracle Grow!!!!!!!

ick. there has to be a better choice! HERE is a chart listing the phosphorus levels in different detergents and it offers many phosphorus-free choices. I am definitely going to try some of these out - Ill let you know!


Fer said...

I have tried Seventh Generation as well as Ecover and didn't like either. I've just recently switched to BioKleen's powdered detergent and I'm pleased so far! :) Hope that helps!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I never understood the phosphorus issue until a bunch of us poured a huge bottle of Dawn into our college's fountain. It had to be drained and cleaned because we upset the phosphorus balance.

I still use the bad stuff. But have you tried Melaleuca? I used to get a bunch of that- I personally didn't like the way it worked, but I think part of that was my old tired dishwasher.