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MSG = monosodium glutamate. Its a flavor enhancer derived from seaweed, and although it comes from nature (technically), its NOT good for you. It is toxic - especially for children :( Many people have severe reactions such as asthma, headaches, behavioral problems, etc.

If you've read my blog before than you will not be shocked to read that the FDA does a HORRIBLE job regulating the labeling of products containing MSG. Many, many, many foods contain it and they are not required to label it. (and its added to shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics live vaccines according to article 3 below and even formula!!!)

If a product says "No MSG added" its kind of like saying "Zero Trans Fat per serving". It just means they didnt ADD any MSG, not that the product is MSG-Free. Its a loophole - a big one.

Check the labels on your food - especially the processed stuff.

If the food has any of these ingredients then it DOES contain MSG
Monosodium Glutamate
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Hydrolyzed Protein
Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
Plant Protein Extract
Sodium Caseinate
Calcium Caseinate
Yeast Extract
Textured Protein
Autolyzed Yeast
Hydrolyzed Oat Flour

If the ingredient list uses these terms it *often* contains MSG
Malt extract
Natural Flavoring
Natural Beef or Chicken Flavoring
Rice Syrup or Brown Rice Syrup
Soy Protein Concentrate
Soy Protein Isolate
Soy sauce or extract
Whey Protein Concentrate
Dough conditioners
Yeast nutrients
Milk powder
Dry milk solids
Citric Acid (from corn)
*Modified Corn Starch
anything Ultra-pastuerized
Wheat, rice or oat protein

MSG is "natural" but it is not healthy to eat (and most of the foods its added to arent healthy anyways!). So read labels and avoid it as much as you can :)

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4 (detailed list again)
Article 5 - Mercola

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