Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dishwashing Detergent - 2

Ok. So I wanted to know exactly which toxic chemicals are in standard dishwashing detergent. I did some searching and didnt find too much but.......

Sodium Lauryl Sulfite (SLS)
Chlorine Bleach (sodium hypochlorite)
DMDM hydaritoin

Next time you are at the grocery store check out the main brands. The Palmolive I have is 3.3% phosphorus. Avoid tablets or packs which will be higher, like 8 or 9%. So if you cant find or cant afford a non-toxic option, at least you can choose something healther from the standard detergent.

I have three bottles left (2 from Costco, 1 Palmolive). But I am still going to try and find something better. Ill report back if I find something that works in our hard water!

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