Monday, June 25, 2007

Healthy Fats

Americans have been brainwashed on two levels concerning fats and nutrition. They have taught us that its best to eat low-fat diets and they have tried to convince us that natural products like butter should be replaced by "healthier" products like yellow plastic, um, uh, I mean, margarine ;).

Canola oil is another fat that we've been told his healthy. I always thought it was. Here is an intersting article from the Weston A. Price foundation website (a favorite place of mine to read): The Great Con-ola I am trying to phase canola out of our diet. I do still use Canola mayonaise because regular mayonaise is made with soybean oil but now I cook with coconut or olive oil.

You can read more on that site about why the healthiest choices are butter, olive oil, coconut oil and even lard (I know, I know, its hard for us to imagine!). I just bought some coconut oil from which is a good source for the right type of coconut oil - you dont want the refined stuff you can buy at the store, it doesnt have the lauric acid in it that brings so many health benefits . I did buy their expeller-pressed type because I dont like the taste of coconut but next time I plan to get the real stuff! Its really great on bread and I even cook JJ's egg yolk in it every night.

Im not a huge Dr. Mercola fan because he is so extreme (although secretly I agree with everything he says!) but here an another article about coconut oil that he wrote: Coconut Oil: The Smarter Fat that Promotes Weight Loss

These are easy steps to take to improve our family's overall health. Check out that site, there is a lot to learn there!

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