Saturday, June 9, 2007

Things to Remember

Im so bad at writing down all the cute things my kids say. So Im going to write it here this time. This is a conversation I just had with Noah before I tucked him in for bed. Im really working on taking time each day to "snuggle" with Noah - which really means he talks my ear off and I listen. One way to make it more meaningful is to ask questions.

Noah - whats your favorite thing about Nana?
'cuz she brings me surprises

Whats your favorite thing about Grandma?
'cuz she brings me surprises (said with a huge grin!)

Whats your favorite thing about Papa?
'cuz I like riding in his Jeep! (which he has never done but Papa has promised to bring it for his birthday)

What about Papa Chris?
ummm 'cuz I want to be an engineer just like him (awwwwwh!!!)

Favorite thing about Mommy?
'cuz you make me food (figures)

Noah whats your favorite thing about Daddy?
'cuz how hard he works for us (awwwwh again!)

Favorite thing about Caleb?
'cuz I just love him so much and he loves me so much

Favorite thing about Jayna?
'cuz she plays with me

"And mommy my favorite thing about Luke (best friend) is feeing ducks together at the park"


those warmed my heart.



Alli said...

So sweet. I love those kind of conversations! And I love going back through my archives and reading stuff I blogged about my kids that I otherwise would have forgotten!!

Leslie O said...

I'll read this to Luke- tell Noah that was very sweet. I'm surprised he didn't say his favorite thing was picking up/poking at dead crawdads, ducks, etc. since they seemed more interested in all the dead things they found.