Sunday, June 17, 2007

Safe Toys for Baby

Many teethers sold in the US are not safe for baby to put in their mouth at all, much less to suck and chew on. Most are made of plastics that leach chemicals and other toys that seem "chewable" may contain lead or PVC.

A European toy company called Haba offers many safer options. Their wooden toys are painted with a safe, lead-free paint and they are ADORABLE.

These are the ones that Jayna has:

How cute are they?!?!And they are only about $10 each!!!

She does chew on a lot of other things now that she is older and mobile and explores all over the house - including plastic that Im sure is horrible for her. But when she is playing with and chewing on these at least I know she is safe. She chewed some of the red paint off of the bell on the top one so I took it away but Ive searched and the paint they use is definitely lead-free. No other wear is visible and she's had them both since she was born.

These were the only toys I gave her when she was really little and just learning to hold onto and mouth things. They also make teething clips and carseat toys that are adorable and Ill get for the next baby!

Here is a site that has several "cluthing toys" as Haba calls them: Baby Oliver Boutique I got mine new on ebay.

Haba also makes great blocks, soft toys and lots of games and toys for older children as well!



Alli said...

I was playing with M-A yesterday in the church nursery and we were playing with a toy made by Sassy (I think, we have one at home, I'll have to look to be sure who made it). I noticed at the bottom part of the toy it said, "PVC free". Interesting. I'll look at the rest of ours made by them (we got a huge box of Sassy teether toys as a gift) say the same thing!

rachelle said...

hi Rachel! Thanks for the comment. I have been following your blog for a while, I found it through Alli's. Those Haba teethers are so cute! I like your "chewy" description!