Friday, June 15, 2007

Plastics - update

I think I mentioned in my last post on plastics that I would no longer be buying Gerber Organic baby food because it is in #7 plastic tubs. As we know, that is not a safe type of plastic. So it defreats the purpose of organic food to put it in there! So Ive been buying other brands that come in glass jars.

So today I finally called Gerber to ask if the containers have BPAs. Obviously it wasnt the first call they got about it because she had a prepared statement that she read it to me. The good news is that they do NOT contain BPA's. Even when tested after microwaving (which you shoud never do with a plastic container of any kind!) it did not leach BPA.

I did express to her that I was still disappointed that they havent chosen to use a different, safer type of plastic. Even without BPAs other chemicals can be leached, especially if they are filled when the baby food is hot. She took my info and passed along my "comments" ;)

Ill let you know if I hear anything else! For now, Im still going to buy it in the glass jars. She is much more into real food now anyways :) And that is a subject for another post!


Alli said...

Have you tried making her food yourself? It's not hard (although it is a little time consuming). You'd have a lot more control over that sort of thing. It also saves a ton of money. I've broken it down to about $.25 to $.45 a serving for organic!

chewymama said...

I made a lot of the boy's food and Ive made some of hers (mostly organic chicken purree and bananas) but its a time thing for me. She really hardly eats anything anyways so it wasnt worth it - plus I always forget to defrost them a day ahead of time and defrosting with the microwave defeats the purpose! (microwaving breaks down/kills the nutrients). Also when freezing in plastic ice cube trays make sure to let the food cool thouroughly - that added more time so I just bought it!