Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thomas the Train RECALL

This is SO infuriating.

They are recalling several Thomas the Train peices sold between 2004-2007 because the paint contains LEAD. Thats right, the CEO makes half a Million dollars and year and they are being cheap and using paint with lead at the expense of our children!!!!!!!

While its unacceptable, its not unbelievable. If you've read my blog before you know that the products our government allows to be sold in our country are not as safe as we think they are.

Here is the link with PICTURES of what is being recalled. Supposedly they will replace it for you if you send it in but who really wants another toy from this company? I sure dont. I want my $20 back (actually my $100s of dollars back!).

And I want them to pay to have my children lead tested. My sweet baby girl has had those trains in her mouth before! And Im sure thousands of other babies have too (Before we can get to them to take it away of course!). I was already mad that a $20 train's paint would chip so easily .... and now it may have contaminated all their other toys.

I dont know that much about lead accept that NO amount is a safe amount, especially not for the brain of a developing child.


Alli said...

Wow. How disappointing. Now I'm nervous to let my kids play with the Thomas toys they have. Thankfully we don't have any of those toys. It looks like it's toys that have red and/or yellow paint.

So frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am very glad to know what is probably causing the lead in my house. My son is a Thomas fanatic. He will be 3 in August. When he was 1 yr old he was tested for lead (mandatory) in our doctor's office. He had a level 11. Normal is 0. A level 10 is considered to be lead poisoning. It has been about a year and a half now...he is checked regularly. We have only been able to get him down to a level 8. I purchased 100 lead testing kits a while back...I have tested wall paint, soil, dishes, bibs...the list goes on. I never would have thought Thomas the train toys could be the source. Anyways, after finding this guessed it...I pulled out a testing kit. And guess what...THEY HAVE LEAD! I am furious. It is like you said, you pay 20$ for a caboose, you would think they could make enough money to provide quality toys. My daughter will be 1 in 2 wks. At that time she is scheduled to have her mandatory lead test. I only hope she has not been poisoned also. I only pray that eliminating these toys will finally bring my sons level down. I pray that the effects that the lead has had on my son is not permanent...and that once the source is eliminated that he will feel normal again.