Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Close Call

Wow, last night was a little scary!

We've had a busy spring with several tornadoes touching down nearby in the last few weeks. Very close to where our church is someone was killed in the last one, so we have been taking things much more seriously.

Last night a major storm headed right over us with reports of tornadoes and straight-line winds (which can do as much damage). Dh kept saying it was fine and as we watched the news and it headed for us I just prayed and prayed. We have one of the only two-story houses on the block and all my precious children were sleeping up there.

Finally last minute we decided to go get them all. I dont think Jayna even noticed LOL! The boys barely woke up and just slept on the floor until dh carried them back upstairs. We hung out in the bathroom until it had passed. Thankfully everything is fine!

As far as I know, no damage was done. Im so thankful we were all protected! Thank you Lord! :)

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Alli said...

Thank goodness! I've been thinking about all y'all in that area (some of my family lives near that area as well). I'm glad your sweet family is safe!