Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Facts to know:

Most mainstream deodorants have aluminum Chlorohydrate, Parabens and Artificial Fragrance.

That is disturbing considering that we, as women, are rubbing it on our skin, every single day, right next to our breasts. There has been controversy in the past about whether or not deodorants could play a part in breast cancer and of course there were differing opinions (see this balanced article).

Why not just find a safer one to use just in case?
This is an easy way to be healthier! is a great place to look up all of your beauty and skin care products, to find one that is safer and has less ingredients linked to cancer.

I used Ban roll-on, unscented, after researching on that site. Now Ive found a new one to try that is not rated there but it has no aluminum, parabens or fragrances.
A lot of people like the solid crystal deodorants but I hated it becuase you had to wet it. This is their roll-on and so far I love it! The reviews on are really great and convinced me to try it. However I found the best deal on ebay, $7.99 including shipping.

More expensive than traditional brands? Yes. And its a big change to go to roll-on when you are used to a solid deodorant. But the things you put on your skin every day are the most important to change!


Alli said...

So, funny I was just thinking about this the last few days. I've also heard you can use just plain baking soda. That seems messy, though. Unless I'm misunderstanding.

chewymama said...

yes, I think that would be messy. Ive heard of that too though.

there is always at least a "lesser evil" that is comparable in price. That Ban I used last time wasnt expensive at all.

I shudder when I think of all the Teen Spirit I wore LOL - that stuff had SUCH a strong scent! Not to mention all the days I practically bathed in Bath and Body Works spray/lotions. So scary to me now.