Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reusable Sandwhich Bag!!!

So Ive been looking at everything plastic that I own and trying to weed out the bad stuff (remember- avoid numbers 3, 6 and 7). Here are the changes Ive made:

*Threw out all our sippys except the Avent Magic Sippys and ordered each child a 12oz Klean Kanteen Sippy cup from

*I threw out my big plastic water jugs (all #7) and bought a 27oz Kleen Kanteen for myself as well.

*Decided to no longer buy Gerber organic baby food because it comes in plastic containers instead of glass. It will cost me money but what is the point of organic baby food laced with toxic plastic chemcials?! Blech!

*Bought this cool new product:Check out the Wrap-N-Mat website for an animated example of how it works! I pack sandwhiches for the boys and myself ALL the time because of their food allergies and my commitment to not eat fast food (or sugar!) for 40 days. I hate using all the ziploc baggies though - what a waste and of course its just anoter time that plastic is sitting on our food. The Wrap-n-Mats are lined with PEVA which is safe for food and a healthy alternative to PVC (more on the evils of PVC another day) This can be used over and over, wipes clean easily, and is affordable. Plus it was invented by a mom - and I always love to support that!

I still wish I could find something similar for the snacks I pack for them for outings, church, etc. But I want something similar to a ziploc that could hold a snack like nuts and raisins. Anyone have time to invent this? :)


Anonymous said...

Now the glass jars apparently aren't safe because there is BPA lining the lids.

Eddel29 said...

thanks for the post.