Thursday, April 26, 2007

Plastics part 2

Ive been studying this more and its definitely something we all need to know about.

HERE is an easy-to-read "Smart Plastics Guide" from the Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policy website. Its short and is a great thing to print out to share with your husband and friends.

Here is a breakdown:

- Most plastic containers have a number on the bottom, but not all.

SAFEER CHOICES 1, 2, 4 and 5
NUMBERS TO AVOID: 3, 6 and 7

- BPA mimics the action of estrogen and has been found to stimulate cancer cells. In particular it changes tissue in mice to resemble BREAST CANCER. Women, we need to protect ourselves from this type of poison!

- According to CDC tests, 95 PERCENT of adults have BPA in their urine!!!


So I began looking around in my kitchen. The plastic containers that Gerber baby food comes in is #7! Im going to call them later to ask if it contains BPA.

Easy tips to get started:

- Avoid use of plastic wrap. DO NOT microwave it.

- Store only cool, non-acidic food in plastic containers and preferably not at all.

- wrap food in parchment paper before putting in foil or plastic wrap.

- throw out amy scratched or old plastic containers, sippys or bottles

- buy bottles and sippys from the list of safer choices (below) or invest in a stainless steel sippy like Klean Kanteen

-Avoid bottles from: Avent, Dr Browns, Evenflo (clear), First Years, Gerber (clear), Playtex Vent Aire, Sassy And TupperCare
Avoid sippys from: Gerber Suzy's Zoo and Sippy Snacker, Playtexa First Sipster and Sparkling Sipster

Safer alternatives:
Bottles - glass or polyethylene plastic (Evelfo, gerber, medela all make them)\\
Sippys - Avent magic cup, Evenflo cups (inner lining), First Years take and Toss, Gerber Color Change, Sport Fun Grip and Soft STarter, Playtex Sipster, Big Sipster and Quick Straw

- Silicone bottle nipples and pacifiers are safer than latex. Latex can leach carcinogenic nitrosamines.


I hope this isnt overwhelming. Nothing is more important in life than obeying our Lord Jesus Christ and following His commands to love Him with all our hearts and love one another. What we do as mothers and how we run our home comes second to that but we do glorify Him by doing our best. So trust in Him and pray for your children, and you will bring greater blessings ot their lives than any special sippy cup ever could. The rest is icing on the cake!

The Lord bless you and keep you! Amen :)


Ricci Quill said...

After reading this I was curious as to what all our sippies were. We only have the playtex ones as Dad get's confused when we have to many lid choices, anyway ours are all a number 5. That was on the healthier list. I was gettting the better one, and didn't even know it :)

Alli said...

I'm off to look at ours. Most of our are Nuby. I'm also going to look at some of the cool bowls that we got from IKEA that I LOVE....I was going to go back and get their cups and plates, too.