Saturday, April 7, 2007

What DO we eat?

This is in response to a comment/question in my last post from Kelli in the Mirror:

Im sorry if I made it overwhelming. Ive been doing this for 1.5 yrs (since ds was allergy tested) so I forget how much we've changed. I also cant know whats it like to make these changes just for overall healthy and not due to allergies. Im sure that it would be harder for me if I was lacking a specific motivation like that.

I really want to emphasize to cut out one thing at a time, and go slowly, just like you said :). That what we did. There are so many healthier alternatives, even just between brands on the same shelf. Before you know it you'll all be eating healthier!

Samples of what we eat:

breakfast: bananas, scrambled or hard-boiled eggs, whole wheat cereal dry (organic like shredded wheat), I had lox this morning (bagel, cream cheese, green onion, smoked salmon), french toast or homemade pancakes - no syrup (we use all-fruit jelly instead because syrup usually has tons of junk added and lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners), fruit, etc

snacks for the kids: Rold Gold pretzels (this brand has no soy), grapes, raisins, nuts - almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc., string cheese (not C since he is allergic to dairy), organic apples, whole wheat crackers (like Triscuits but by a healthier company, no soybean oil, I get them at Target), carrots, corn chips and salsa (only certain brands of chips dont have soy and/or trans fat)and these I have around mostly for the girls I watch after school,

lunch: The boys usually have sandwhiches on whole wheat - almond butter and all-fruit jelly and/or raw honey. Sometimes they like weird things on it like sliced almonds or raisins. They have fun picking out combinations. Sometimes Ill make just pasta with either Whole Wheat or Dreamfields pasta and EV Olive Oil for them and butter for me )again because of dairy allergies). Sometimes we have leftovers from dinner.

dinner: Baked chicken, beef cooked in the crockpot, BBQ pork chops, handmade meatballs (had this last night) with Bertoli pasta sauce which doesnt have soybean oil added as a filler like most sauces do, homemade mashed potatoes (made with water for Caleb and butter/milk for the rest of us), hamburgers on whole wheat bread instead of buns (buns all have soy), homemade soup like Posole, burritos (tortillas from Costco that you heat up yourself, chicken or beef, green or grilled onions, guacamole, etc.), fish, with steamed veggies - green beans, brocoli, corn, spaghetti, etc.

* I HAVE to cook nearly every single dinner from scratch due to their allergies. If you dont, then count your blessings :). Its a lot of work and a lot of dishes. You can take more shortcuts if you dont have allergies and that makes it easier.

* However, eating healthier will require more work than handing your child a prepackaged meal like Lunchables ((shudder)). More convenient usually means less healthy.

*Reading labels is a short-term commitment. Once you figure out the brands that are better for you, you dont have to even think about it anymore. :)

I hope this helps somehow.

I REALLY, really, really dont want to come off like this is all so easy and everyone else's food is gross LOL. This has been a long, hard road for us and all of us are in different places. However Im very thankful to know the things I know and want to share them. There really are a lot of easy, small steps you can take that will add up to much healthier eating habits.

Dh and I splurge sometimes and pick up our favorite fast food or get ice cream, etc. (last night I laid in bed and ate M&Ms!) but we dont eat it infront of the kids and we both are striving to work out consistently and keep the sugar intake down. When the kids are older they can make their own choices but hopefully they will be less attached to those types of foods than dh and I are.

I really try to TEACH N things too, why things are unhealthy, so its not just a list of rules. But they really dont mind and love the food they eat. Its hilarious when my kids are whining for dried plums like they are candy LOL. And N is my little preacher man so he is always giving people sermons on why things arent healthy LOL. We'll have to work on tact!

enough blabbling, its 1am and I doubt Im coherent. please feel free to comment or ask more questions!


Alli said...

Is soy so bad if you don't have an allergy?

I'm actually impressed with the fact that we are eating many healthy things around here as long as we stay at home (there's still LOTS of room for improvement, though). It's when we eat out or eat at my ILs or my parents that our diet starts to fall apart.

chewymama said...

Someone just asked me that question about soy recently. I have some information Ill post soon. The short answer, although controversial, is yes. Soy is bad for you even if you arent allergic.

There is always room for improvement here too! Trust me! (I just ate some M&Ms to chase down my breakfast LOL)

love ya!

The Fiskeaux Family said...

Even reading objectively, you don't ever come off as over-zealous or holier-than-thou. Keep it up!! :)

k said...

I've heard that soy has plant estrogen and so it can be especially bad for little girls- messes up their balance or something. I don't really know much about it though.

Thanks for this. :) It's really hard because I run a home daycare and I can't afford to feed eight kids who don't belong to me all the best healthy stuff. But I don't want to settle for crap either. I'm trying to do the best I can with my limited time and money.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

And that last post was me, accidentally posting on my mom's account. :)

chewymama said...

I understand. I watch two girls after schools so Im feeing 4. I cant imagine feeding 8. I have some ideas and Ill post more soon. got to run!