Sunday, April 1, 2007

Keeping the Sabbath

Some of you may have grown up in, or attend now, a church that places a great emphasis on keeping the Sabbath. Others of you may be like me and never have really challenged to set aside a day of rest. If you've never made it a habit to keep the Sabbath by resting and not working, I challenge you to do it! Mommies, we NEED a regular break to stay sane!

Several months ago I really felt the Lord asking me to do this. Like all of his commandments, having a day of rest is beneficial to US. God loves us and his laws are not random nor inconsequential. Since that time I have really made an effort to work hard the rest of the week (especially Saturday night while dh works at his second job) so that I can really rest on Sunday. It is so wonderful to just sit on the couch and veg and not feel obligated to get up and do something - in fact I feel great knowing Im obeying God!

I dont think resting on the Sabbath is necessary for salvation (obviously!) and it doesnt have to be a certain day of the week either but if we set that time aside consistently, not only are we following in the steps of our Lord who rested after He created the earth, but we as mothers can really have a day "off"!

Of course we still have to get the kids ready for church, and make breakfast, lunch and dinner but there are a lot of ways to cut back on the work. Last night I set out all the kids clothes so I wouldnt be digging through the closet in a rush this morning. I also showered and washed my hair so I was all ready to go in the morning. Ideally I would have also made lunches the night before since we went to the park today but Im still a work in progress! Tonight we are having leftovers or sometimes I throw some meat and veggies in the crockpot for an easy dinner. We often grab something to eat on the way home from church or just have something simple like chili or a sandwhich. I never do dishes or laundry on Sunday and I really have come to look forward to that break!

So sit, read, nap and enjoy! The Lord wants you to rest mamas!



Alli said...

I wanna be like Rachel when I grow up.

chewymama said...

Whatever Alli LOL ;)

Stacy said...

Another challenge in keeping the sabbath is to not ask others to work for you on Sundays. We don't fuel our cars, go shopping, or eat out on Sundays, so we're not asking others to break the sabbath either.
Great job Rachel! I'm loving your blog.